Why you need a zero turn mower

The zero-turn mower derives its name from the zero inch or zero-degree turning radius of the mower, meaning that it turns within its footprint. This machine is for someone with no landscaping skills but wants to take care of their lawn. The zero-turn mower has no pedal brake or a traditional steering wheel, and its seat mounts in a lower position. There are several advantages of using a zero-turn mower as listed below.

Advantages of a Zero Turn Mower

1. Quicker Mowing Times

This is the advantage that most people talk of in a zero turn mower; it saves time. Zero-turn mowers have faster ground speeds in comparison to other types of mowers. Their lower center of gravity makes them safe to run at higher rates. You can also choose one with a more elevated deck, which will enable you to mow more ground in fewer passes. This means that you will spend less time cutting and a few hours put on your mower.

2. Mowing Pattern

A zero-turn mower allows you to cut more efficiently as it can take a 180-degree turn at the end of a row. If you were using a mowing tractor, its wider turning radius leaves uncut grass strips, which require awkward maneuvering to reach. Mowing with a lawn tractor makes you drive over already clipped areas, taking multiple passes or backing up to cut at the end of each row. The awkward maneuvering creates an inefficient mowing pattern, which in turn increases the time you’ll take to mow a property. A zero-turn mower produces an efficient cut pattern giving your property the look of a professional job.

zero turn mowers

3. Add Attachments for Flexibility

You can add several attachments to a zero turn mower to add to its versatility. You can use the mower to clear snow, transport materials, or bag clippings. However, zero turn mowers are popular because of their bagging system used to collect grass clippings. The zero-turn mower has several bagger options, including two- and three-bucket designs. Commercial quality baggers unload from the seat to tilt the collector using a lever, meaning you don’t have to get off the mower to dump clippings. Powered baggers consist of a powered blower driven by a belt, which forces grass into the bags.

All attachments in a zero turn mower are located in the machine’s rear; some may need mount kits or weigh kits to install. They can accommodate many rear attachments, including a sprayer, roller, plug aerator, spreader, or dump cart. Zero-turn mowers also accommodate a snow blower, snow or debris clearing brush, or a front-mounted blade.

4. Easy to Operate

This type of mower uses levers instead of a steering wheel to drive. Some people may find this intimidating, but you will be comfortable using it once you get used to it. It is easy to steer a zero turn mower; it is like navigating a shopping cart. The main thing to note is to apply equal amounts of pressure on both levers.

Most of the zero-turn mowers in the market lack a foot-pedal brake. Its steering handles are used to control both the speed and direction of the machine. To increase the mower’s speed, push the handles forward, and when you want to stop or slow down, bring the handles to be neutral.